Charlotte NC Stands Stong, City Council WILL NOT Consider McCrory’s “Compromise” To Repeal LGBT Rights Law

Charlotte NC Stands Stong, City Council WILL NOT Consider McCrory’s “Compromise” To Repeal LGBT Rights Law


The Charlotte Observer reports:

Despite pressure from business leaders, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said Monday the city won’t repeal the ordinance that led to House Bill 2 this week – and maybe not at all.

And in a memo to the City Council, the city attorney said the General Assembly doesn’t need the city to rescind its ordinance in order to repeal HB2. Legislative leaders had made dropping the city ordinance a condition for repealing HB2.

“Some people don’t realize there’s no legal reason for Charlotte to do anything, and that’s the point we want to make clear to the community,” Roberts told the Observer.

The ordinance, which was nullified by HB2, extended anti-discrimination protection to the LGBT community and would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom or locker room of their gender identity.

Roberts’ comments came after a news conference in which LGBT leaders accused Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and legislative leaders of “holding Charlotte hostage.” State Rep. Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality NC, called HB2 “the worst anti-LGBT law in the nation.”

On Friday, the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association announced it was trying to broker a compromise to stop the economic damage from HB2. And Sunday the Charlotte Chamber, along with hospitality and tourism leaders, called for the city and state to repeal the controversial laws.

After a weekend of bashing and additional boycott threats against NC restaurants and hotels because of NCRLA’s initial statement.  Today it issued a “clarification” of its stand.  But did not change its decision.

Raleigh, N.C. (September 18, 2016) — The North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association remains committed to a resolution of this very complex situation. Our position is not for one side or the other. The hospitality community is an open and welcoming industry, but we find ourselves caught in the middle of a situation that we did not ask for, and our team members are suffering. We urge all sides to work together to find a solution.

We believe a reset is necessary. To break an impasse, one side has to make the first move. We issued our statement on Friday because we were advised that if Charlotte makes the first move, the Legislature will reciprocate, and we will have that reset. Charlotte leaders can confirm whether our information is accurate.

Our City, our State and our industry, including restaurants, hotels and their staffs are being adversely impacted. We have to work together shoulder-to-shoulder, not nose-to-nose. Let’s get this one right, so hard working North Carolinians are not so significantly affected.

Expanding the non-discrimination ordinance cost businesses in the state next to nothing, if anything at all. HB2 on the other hand has cost the state $395M.

Stick to your guns Charlotte N.C.!

Fuck you, North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association!


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