BUSTED! – Married Family Values GOP Politician EXPOSED For Sexting/Kissing Teen Boy


Louisiana Republican Mike Yenni is “the President of Jefferson Parish and happily married with one daughter.” Allegedly he’s also a major closet case who has been sending some sex- texts to a teen boy he met at a Catholic high school function while on the campaign trail last year.

Via Queerty:

40-year-old Yenni and the teen, who was 17 at the time and whose name has not been released, were allegedly connected with each other by a mutual friend. The teen says he and Yenni, the former mayor of Kenner at the time, the city neighboring New Orleans, would talk on the phone and text one another regularly.

As Yenni and the teen’s relationship deepened, he says the politician would occasionally visit him at his job at a mall food court. Once, he says, they met in the mall bathroom where the teen says Yenni gave him a pair of designer underwear. Afterwards, they shared a kiss.

The texting continued, becoming more and more explicit as time progressed. In one of the texts, Yenni allegedly told the teen that he “wants him naked.” In another, he asked if he’s worn the underwear he gave him, then says he would like him to model it for him. And in a third, he said he wanted to perform a sex act on the teen that night.

The texts were provided to  WWL-TV by the teen on the condition that they not be directly quoted. The station did verify that that the texts did indeed come from Yenni’s personal cell phone,.

The youth, who is openly gay and is now in college, said in an interview with WWL-TV that he wants to expose Yenni’s behavior because he finds it disturbing.

The boy says the texts started to make him uneasy, particularly one that suggested they have a threesome with the mutual friend who initially connected them.

“He asked me to go with him to his house in Oxford (Mississippi). Also, the way he would describe the sexual things he wanted to do to me. And he asked me to be a secretary or assistant in his office; that way I could be with him and not be questioned.”

The age of consent in Louisiana is  17, so any sexual activity between Yenni and teen would not be illegal; however, the sexts may violate a federal law that bars the use of any telecommunications device to engage in “obscene” conversation with anyone under the age of 18.

The FBI is currently looking into the case.

Louisiana huh?  I wonder if he knows Tony Perkins?

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