3 Reported Dead and Over 100 Injuried As NJ Transit Train Crashes At Hoboken Station

DEVELOPING: At least three people were killed, more than 100 were hurt and others remained trapped after a crowded train slammed into a busy station in Hoboken, N.J., during the Thursday morning rush hour  commute, investigators and local media reports.

Commuter Jim Finan, of River Edge, N.J., told Fox News the train “never slowed down” before it crashed through barriers into the terminal’s reception area. One emergency worker described a “horrendous exploding noise” and said passengers were crawling from the scene on their hands and knees.

The crash appeared to be accidental, not intentional, sources told WNBC. The National Transportation Safety Board told Fox News it was gathering information. The locomotive was at the back of the train but the engineer was in the leading car, workers said.

Speaking on “America’s Newsroom,” Finan said people were trying to smash out windows after the crash. He described it as feeling like he was “in an off-road vehicle,” adding, “It was bumpy. You were getting bounced around and then slammed forward.”

More than 20 ambulances sped to the terminal to take injured passengers to hospitals. Nelson said the train carried approximately 250 passengers.

Most of the injured appeared to be passengers in the first train car or people waiting in the station, WABC reported. Passengers told WABC it was train number 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line, which left Spring Valley, N.Y. at 7:23 a.m. bound for Hoboken. The train was apparently running late.

The crash unfolded around 8:30 a.m.

People shared photos of the crash on social media, which depicted a derailed train at the station. One image showed the front of a train stopped beyond the tracks inside the station. Photos also seemed to show extensive damage to the station, which is one of the busiest along the sprawling New Jersey Transit system.

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