Trump Visits Louisiana, Meets With Waterlogged FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins and Gives Out Play Doh

Trump Visits Louisiana, Meets With FRC Waterlogged Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins and Gives Out Play Doh


Donald Trump made a whirlwind visit to flood ravaged Louisiana on Friday, despite the fact that state officials including Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards having denounced such grandstanding and asked him not to come since the required security pulls resources away from disaster relief operations.

While there Trump toured some of the damage during and briefly assisted in unloading a truck while surrounded by cameras, passing twelve boxes of Play-Doh (Yes, Play-Doh!) before heading for the nearest reporter and also signing Trump “Make America Great Again” baseball caps for flood survivors.

“It’s a great place, I’ve had a great history with Louisiana,” Trump said. “They need a lot of help. What happened here is incredible, nobody understands how bad it is. It’s really incredible, I’m just here to help. Thank you.”

Later in the morning he met with locals at the church of homeless Family Research Council hate group leader Tony “God Smite-ed Me” Perkins, who by the looks of it lost all his Botox and mak-up in the flood and who we are sure did not mention his overstated  belief that God sends natural disasters to punish sinners.

A video of Trump’s Play-Doh passing can be seen below:


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