Special Snowflake of the Week Award: Lesbian Website AutoStraddle For Apologizing Over An Animated Mexican Lesbian Taco

Special Snowflake of the Week Award: Lesbian Website AutoStraddle For Apologizing Over An Animated Lesbian Taco

Just when you think you have your winner for Special Snowflake of the Week Award some crazier Social Justice Warrior or in this case website comes forth to snatch the award away away at the very last minute.

In this case AutoStraddle.com “an dependently owned online magazine and social network for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women (cis and trans) as well as non-binary people” pulled ahead of the Ryan Lochte and his “White Male Privilege” meme to grab the award away for their apology for a review of Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party is truly a piece of Social Justice masochism at its finest with some racism and man-hating thrown in as a bonus.

Heather Hogan, one of the editors of AutoStraddle published a SJW heartfelt and overly long apology called “We Messed Up”  for posting a review of Rogen’s Sausage Party after receiving “feedback ” from  Trans Editor Mey Rude, and the members of the QTPOC Speakeasy and their Facebook commentators because among other things Salma Hayek’s portrayal of the animated lesbian taco was racist and that it reinforced harmful stereotypes of “predatory lesbians.”

Gee I wonder if Selma Hayek who is actually IS Mexican-American felt the same way?

We heard from readers who were upset that we labeled the taco a lesbian when it seems more likely that she was bisexual. We heard from readers who questioned the consent of the sexual encounter between the taco and the hot dog bun. We heard from readers who found the taco to be a damaging portrayal of a predatory queer woman.

Remember we are talking about an animated character in an R-Rated Seth Rogen movie?

But then it gets even worse.

There are several reasons I should have listened to the alarm bells of unease I felt about the Sausage Party review. First and most damning: we allowed a non-Latina writer to cover a story about a caricature of a Latina, and while the review didn’t specifically mention the film’s stereotyping, by praising the film as a positive portrayal of a queer Latina, we allowed a white writer to, in effect, condone that stereotyping.

WTF?  So a non-white writer can never cover ANYTHING even remotely QPOC related?  Does that mean they will never let a QPOC writer cover lets say a Shakespearean play other than Othello for their website?  So basically while AS was going on an insane SJW rant against racism they are in an fact being racist themselves.

Auto-straddle actually confirms this later in the article.

For the most recent season of Orange Is the New Black, we passed around a sign-up sheet and offered our staff writers and editors the chance to review individual episodes of the show, and we reached out to a handful of freelancers whose work we love and whose voices we want to amplify to ask them to join us in writing reviews. My main priorities in our OITNB coverage were: 1) Making sure the majority of our reviews were written by women of color. And 2) Making sure any writer who shared an identity with an episode’s feature character had first dibs on writing about that episode. I told all of our writers they needed to be willing to trade or give up their review slots, if necessary, to achieve this goal. [snip]

We were three episodes into our review schedule when we found out about OITNB’s season-ending death. At that time, I pulled reviews from two of our white writers and sought Black writers to cover the important episodes. Riese mandated that we read the widely circulated article “Orange Is the New Black is Trauma Porn for White People.”

Later in the article Hogan, in the interest of “transparency” posted a transcript of a discussion had in it’s senior editors channel in Slack.

heather: i hope it’s not transmisogynistic. i went through ten pages of google results and tumblr and didn’t see anything about transphobia or transmisogyny
Yvonne: true like if i think about it, of course i hate that they resorted to a stereotype, like making salma hayek use her accent for the voice of a taco but like this is seth rogan so my feelings are like :face_with_rolling_eyes:
heather: yeah, that makes sense!
Yvonne: do you think think the last paragraph is like an exaggeration? or does this fall into the thing of someone has an opinion different from yours type of deal?
Heather: i think the second thing. i mean, i don’t think it’s going to actually encourage queer rep in movies aimed at younger people; i don’t think that’s a thing that will happen at all. but i do think she’s right that having an animated lesbian character to sympathize with in a summer blockbuster aimed at the people who will pay money to see this is a big deal.
Yvonne: ok!
heather: also i wonder if the taco is bisexual
i can’t believe i am having this much of a crisis about this!
Yvonne: i get it though!
because sausage party is crass
heather: yes
Yvonne: like people in our community can critique the hell out of it
and pick it apart
heather: yes
Yvonne: because it’s meant for stupid fucking men.

Whoa!. “Because it was made for stupid fucking men”  I thought the era of man hating lesbians was over in the 1980’s.  Obviously I was wrong. And obviously AutoStraddle doesn’t understand that this type of talk and behavior misandry is just as bad and harmful as misogyny. 

Now I am sure AutoStraddle and its followers will dismiss me and call me out as  privileged gay white cis male that has no right to comment or write this story.

But at least I am a privileged gay white cis male that has as fucking sense of humor and doesn’t fight imaginary battles with windmills when we have REAL problems to worry about. Like lets see? Oh I don’t know. Perhaps maybe REAL non-animated LGBT people both “white” and “QPOC” that need housing and employment protections?

And also  in the interest of “transparency” I reached out to AutoStraddle Trans Editor Mey Rude to attempt to discuss thier apology and racism and misandy that it included on Twitter.  Ms. Rude refused to directly answer and questions and BLOCKED me.

So much for a meaningful dialogue.

Congratulations to AutoStraddle this week’s Back2Stonewall Special Snowflake Award Winner of the Week who prove that man hating lesbians are still alive and un-well but also that they themselves are as racist and have no sense of humor. 

It’s a fucking animated taco in a Seth Rogan movie.  What did you expect?

*Don't Erase My Taco" meme courtesy of Kelly Canfield.


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