Georgia “Pastor” Who Said PULSE Victims Got ‘What they deserved’ Accused of Molesting Young Boy

Pastor Ken Adkins Child Molestor

“Pastor” Ken Adkins, who faced widespread condemnation for making offensive remarks about a fatal shooting that left 49 LGBT club goers dead and 53 others wounded at a gay nightclub in Orlando turned himself in to police about 9 a.m. Friday on aggravated child molestation charges on a young boy, reported The Florida Time-Union.

The alleged abuse took place at Adkins’ church in Brunswick, as well as the pastor’s car and the victim’s home, prosecutors said.

His attorney said investigators told him the abuse took place in 2010.

In 2012 a Glynn County magistrate ordered Adkins to stop using his Facebook and social media accounts to call a School Board member “a fool” or a “runaway slave.” The order also barred Adkins from using the term “child molester” without proof when criticizing a worker for two local campaigns.

The pastor’s wife said she believed Adkins would be cleared, and she expressed concern about the young man who made the allegations.

Charlotte Stormy Adkins said the alleged victim was part of the church’s ministry and had been mentored by her and her husband.

Shortly after the PLUSE Nightclub Massacre Adkins took to Twitter talking about the LGBT victims saying “I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve!!”


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