Sen. Tim Kaine Named As Hillary Clinton’s VP – Make America “Meh” Again.

Sen. Tim Kaine Named As Hillary Clinton's VP - Make America "Meh" Again.


Pissing off thousands of progressive voters across America, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has just been revealed to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, per the New York Times. According to MSNBC, the Clinton campaign reached out to Sen. Cory Booker and Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack to break the news shortly before tonight’s announcement.

Kaine is also formerly Virginia’s state’s governor, (Virginia is a SWING STATE) and is considered a moderate, as is Hillary. Kaine was once only a lukewarm supporter of LGBT causes and an outright opponent of marriage equality. In 2001, when he was running for lieutenant governor of Virginia, he told the Associated Press, “I have never said I supported gay civil unions, gay marriages. I do believe that people shouldn’t be kicked out of their jobs or discriminated against because of who they are.” He did say he supported some way to give same-sex couples in long-term relationships access to certain benefits enjoyed by married opposite-sex couples. But in 2006, as governor, he campaigned against a measure to amend the state’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage; it passed anyway. When running for governor in 2005, he opposed adoption rights for gay couples or individuals, but by 2011, running for Senate, he had changed his mind and said they should be able to adopt if a judge determined that it was the best interest of the child. As governor he issued an executive order banning antigay discrimination against state employees. In 2013, his first year in the Senate, he announced his support for marriage equality. So far in his Senate service, he has received a 90 percent rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecard.

But lets face it people.  She could have picked a blender as her running mate and we still have to vote for her.  Trump/Pence cannot be allowed to win the election.

Close your eyes, bend over and vote. We’ve all done it before.



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