Leaked DNC Memos Complain About QPOC Donor Being ‘Extremely High Maintenance’ and Other Questionable Comments

Gay DNC Leaked Memo

One of the leaked Democratic National Committee memos that recently came to light out of the embarrassing WikiLeaks purge which caused Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign titled “Close out memo” complains that one of the party’s QPOC donors was just too high maintenance to handle or warrant being included for the money he could bring forth.

Dated April 22, 2016 and authored by DNC staffer Julia Lahl, the mail recaps much of the work done with the party’s LGBT Leadership Council. The memo contains information on dozens of donors — not all of which is positive.

Lahl complains about one donor,  Darrin Glymph,  and that he is “extremely high maintenance.” Glymph was one of three hosts for a May 2015 fundraiser in Washington, D.C. that was “wildly successful” “in terms of identifying black gay men that are interested in getting involved. However the [three] hosts that filled the room incredibly for this event were extremely hard to wrangle for the actual gala,” Lahl wrote.

“Darrin would like to become more involved but he is hard to get in touch with and is extremely high maintenance,” Lahl went on to complain. “I found him to be too much work for what he is worth (maybe a 5k check).”

Glymph, a leading public finance lawyer won the “Welmore Cook” award by DC Black Pride. The award is “presented annually to two members of the local Black LGBT community for outstanding leadership,” according to the DC Black Pride website. Glymph is described by the organization as “one of the movers and shakers in the LGBT community.”

In other exchange DNC employees engaged in email exchanges in what many might perceive as derogatory comments 

“Are we back to the point I can say I love you? Because I’d like to. No more cash bar at the wedding!” DNC Finance Chair Zachary Allen wrote to National Finance Director Jordan Kaplan in a May 20 email.

Kaplan then responded, “I love you too. No homo. Phew.”

In another email sent by Kaplan, this time with DNC finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer, he speculated on political operative Doug Hathaway’s sexual orientation.

“Doug Hathaway is definitely gay. He swims for the gay and lesbian team in DC,” he wrote to Allen.

“Totes. He gives me daddy vibes.” Comer wrote back.



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  1. Disgusting — as usual. The DNC house needs a thorough cleaning and new hires should have to pass psychological testing for ethics and to rule out classist arrogance, racism, and homophobia.

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