Dan Savage Bitchslaps Log Cabin Republican Quislings: Get Your Tongues Out Of Donald Trump’s Ass

Dan Savage (r) tells Gregory T. Angelo (l) and LCR's to stop licking Trump's ass
Dan Savage (r) tells Gregory T. Angelo (l) and LCR’s to stop licking Trump’s ass


“The Log Cabin Republicans have been working to “transform the GOP from the inside” for forty years and not only hasn’t it gotten better, it’s gotten worse. The 2016 Republican Platform, adopted today without a peep of protest from Log Cabin Republicans, is worse on LGBT issues than any Republican Party Platform in history. Worse than the GOP platform in 1980, when the religious right was ascendent; worse than the GOP platform in 1984, when AIDS hysteria was at its peak; worse than the GOP platform in 1992, when delegates to the RNC were waving “Family Values Forever! Gay Rights Never!” signs on the floor of the convention in Houston. Worst. Platform. Ever. Log Cabin Republicans spent months wriggling their tongues up Donald Trump‘s ass and this is the thanks they get.”

“Whatever the Log Cabin Republicans think they’re doing “inside” the Republican Party, it isn’t working, it’s never worked, and they need to stop pretending it’ll ever work. GOP.”

“You can affiliate yourself with the GOP or you can advocate for equal rights for LGBT people. You can’t do both at once—and anyone who claims to be doing both is lying.” – Dan Savage via The Stranger

18 thoughts on “Dan Savage Bitchslaps Log Cabin Republican Quislings: Get Your Tongues Out Of Donald Trump’s Ass

  1. The old cliche is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Log Cabin Republicans have been doing this since the day the group was founded.

  2. The Log Cabin boys would earn some sympathy if they hadn’t been stupidly persistent in their pooped-on attempts to reform the GOP from the inside for years now. What did they expect from the right-wing evangelical bigots that predominate the party? And now they come to whine about having dirt thrown at them. They, like many of the GOP who would happily dump Trump, have got what they deserved.

  3. Hillary was against gay marriage when it was convenient. She supports the TPP and private prisons and a professed Goldwater girl. She will do nothing against Citizens United, and she would bring another corporate shill the the Supreme Court. How the hell would we be better off with her rather than Trump?

    1. Hillary and Obama were both against gay marriage, even while supporting gay rights in other ways, and they both changed their minds. Get over it. She’s not in favor of TPP. I liked Goldwater too, and he’d never be invited to join today’s Republican party. The SC judges Trump would appoint will be against gay marriage. If you want to turn back the clock for all of us, go ahead and support him. If you can’t see a difference between him and Hillary–to her advantage–it’s because you don’t want to.

    2. Hillary won’t turn back the clock on gay rights, and woud not appoint SCOTUS nominees who would. Trump and his new friends in Congress would and that is the threat he posses.

  4. They could run for office but it’s more fun to suck the cocks of powerful married republican men who tie them down and call them boy.

    1. you got that right !! I bet the bathhouses of Cleveland are full to capacity with repubs being banged. I wish I stopped by on my way home from Zanesville. I like spanking them and talking dirty as I try to ream them a “new one”

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