Bigoted Toledo, Ohio Bakery Refuses To Sell Birthday Cake To Gay Customer

Bigot bakery refuses to make gay birthday Cake


From Toledo Ohio’s ABC affiliate:

It certainly wasn’t the text message Candice Lowe was expecting to get on her honeymoon. She says it came from the owner of Take the Cake Bakery in Toledo, canceling the order for her wife’s birthday cake.

Lowe says, “after she saw my Facebook page, she found out that I was in a same-sex marriage and she could not do my cake.”

“She did all of their effort to get a cake and gets a text message and has to tell me her surprise, it kind of ruined our day,” Amanda Lowe said of her wife.

“It wasn’t a wedding cake, it was just a birthday cake,” Candice said. “A birthday cake has nothing to do with your sexual preference.”

Toledo is one of 15 Ohio municipalities with an ordinance to prevent discrimination against LGBT couples and individuals. However, Cee Lowe has not discussed whether she is considering a lawsuit.

In an interview with 13 ABC, Lowe said she was simply disappointed that her order was canceled due to her sexual preference. She was also disturbed because Take the Cake owner LaGresha Fizer-Brown apparently “stalked” her Facebook page to gain that information.

ABC Toledo also needs to change their wording.  The order was not cancelled because of the sexual orientation of the customers. It was cancelled because of the homophobia of the business owners. That distinction needs to be made perfectly clear.


LaGresha Fizer-Brown



5 thoughts on “Bigoted Toledo, Ohio Bakery Refuses To Sell Birthday Cake To Gay Customer

  1. Gee, I wonder how this women would feel If an AirBNB told her she could not rent a room because the owner did not believe in black people. Oh wait. This has happened and people everywhere were outraged. So it is okay to discriminate based on sexual orientation but not race. Oh yes, now I understand. Stupid knows no race.

    1. Hey, she got hers, so what does she care about anyone else’s Constitutionally protected rights? After all, she knows Jee-Yuh-Zuss, so that gives her the right to hide her hatred behind the Cross.
      I hope she has a real nice “Say Hallelujah” Day.

  2. In the end (sorry) it might backfire on the cake-“lady”. Check out her website to see lots and lots and lots and LOTS of really nasty comments on her (un)real-lih-jee-yah-sitty. Sucks to be one of the elect, don’t it?

  3. Actually, I just clicked on the link. It comes up “unavailable”. Guess she couldn’t handle the “love”.

    Jesus might have said “Blessed are you when men persecute you for My sake.” He did not, however, say “Go looking for trouble.”

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