Tennessee Church Displays Sign About Orlando Massacre: God’s Wrath Is Falling Down On The Gays

Tennessee Church Displays Sign About Orlando Massacre Gods Wrath Is About To Start Falling Down On The Gays


Tennessee NBC affiliate:

A local church displayed a message targeting the LGBT community following the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, nearly a week ago.

Three days ago Pastor Jesse price of Beech Cliff Pentecostal Holiness Church put a message on the church’s sign that alliances of the LGBT community say condemn the gay community. However, the pastor does not feel as if he is condemning anyone.

“It’s like the wrath of God is going to start falling on the gays that’s all it said,” said Pastor Jesse Price.

A message posted in response to a mass shooting targeting the gay community.

“Homosexuals got shot down in Florida. It looks like God’s wrath is about to start pouring down on the gays.”

Pastor Jesse Price said this isn’t the first time he has posted a message geared toward the LGBT community.

“We are not trying to kill them. I’ve had a lot of signs up here that homosexuals need to be saved but they didn’t say anything about that one the only thing I said here in this one that god’s wrath looks like it’s going to start being poured down on the gays.”

The message has been torn down since its posting, but the pastor said he plans to replace it.

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6 thoughts on “Tennessee Church Displays Sign About Orlando Massacre: God’s Wrath Is Falling Down On The Gays

  1. While I may not approve of the life choices some people make a true Christian is asked to love one another and be willing to pray for those needing it according to the bible with compassion and hope. It’s not my place to judge that is Gods place and that is for all of us sinful beings no matter what the sin.

  2. So what does he say about church shootings, Sandy Hook, and Columbine? How about the nursery in the building bombed by Timothy McVeigh or even MORE what about the Twin Towers? God’s wrath?? Really? He thinks HE can cherry pick God’s wrath??

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