“Marvel Avengers Academy” Mobile Game Introduces Gay Character Union Jack

Marvel Avengers Academy Mobile Game Introduces Gay Character Union Jack


In the new “Marvel Avengers Academy” the mobile game imagines Marvel’s greatest superheroes as students developing their superpowers under the supervision of Nick Fury. However, it turns out the age of the characters isn’t the only thing that’s different in the game’s world. Before downloading the app, make sure your mobile phones are safe with mobile security.

In the “British Invasion” limited event now unfolding, players can recruit classic Marvel Comics characters Captain Britain and Union Jack to help stop the Black Knight, who’s under the thrall of the Ebony Blade. While the Black Knight’s tortured relationship with the cursed sword is nothing new, a revelation by Union Jack certainly is: In “Avengers Academy,” the British hero is gay.

In the game when Black Widow points out that he’s the first guy at the school who hasn’t hit on her, British super-spy Brian Falsworth responds, “No offense, but you’re not my type.” When Natasha questions whether he likes Enchantress instead, he clarifies, “I’m telling you I’m gay.”

“I feel like a really bad spy now,” Black Widow replies.

Union Jack is also asked by Loki to go out and celebrate their victory. Union Jack, who’s nicknamed “Flag Man” Loki, accepts, saying, “Sure, mate … I’ll go dancing with you.”

Three men have claimed the mantle of Union Jack in  the Marvel Universe. The first is Lord Montgomery Falsworth who worked for the Allies in World War I. He performed guerrilla activities against the German Forces. The Second is his son Brian Falsworth who took up the identity during World War II. He was provided a variant of the Super Soldier Serum which allowed him to perform at the peak of human potential. The third was not a member of the Falsworth family but a working class man, Joseph Chapman, who was offered the mantle by Brian Falsworth. Chapman now serves as the current Union Jack working with the New Invaders.





2 thoughts on ““Marvel Avengers Academy” Mobile Game Introduces Gay Character Union Jack

  1. I think this is ridiculous. Why is there a need to “introduce a gay character” to a fucking videogame?!!? The game is obviously geared to kids, as evidenced by the language used by the characters. their “trendy” verbiage is classically geared to attract a younger audience, and while I have no problems with kids learning about sexuality, I think its a PARENT’S job NOT a videogame’s. While the character of Brian Falsworth was RETCONNED to be a gay character (which I also find rather ludicrous) there is no need and no real reason for a kid’s videogame character to be revealed as gay. Good thing theres no “gay agenda” huh?

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