Gives NYC Gay Cyclist Tackled at Obama’s Motorcade A Gift To Relieve The Sting and Blue Balls of the Event

NYC Gay Cyclist Tackled at Obama's Motorcade is trying to relieve the sting and blue balls of the gay cyclist who was tackled in front of President Obama’s motorcade after mistakenly entering a barricaded zone in New York whilst on his way to a hook-up today .

The online gay “dating” site is offering him a free a year of their upgraded service ‘Manhunt plus’ as well as 52 free roundtrip using Ubers to get back and forth from his “dates” safely.

Daniel Provencio, was blasting Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” while riding his bike on 50th Street when he failed to notice the police cordon for President Obama’s motorcade. He was tackled to the ground by NYPD only moments before the motorcade passed through.

Provencio said he ended up missing his rendezvous on account of being detained by police. He called his “friend” after being released but to no avail. “Manhattan men are huge on punctuality.

You can watch Provencio being taken to the ground by police only moments before President Obama’s motorcade passed by in the video below.



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