HomoCON Log Cabin Republican Claims He Was Attacked At Trump Rally By “Democrats”.

Gay HomoCON Log Cabin Republican Claims He Was Attacked At Trump Rally By Democrats

From the Quisling HomoCON Log Cabin Republican Facebook page

Last night in California an angry mob attacked gay Latino Trump supporter and Log Cabin Republicans member Juan Hernandez.

“My experience at the Trump rally in San Jose. Protesters = they are criminals, otherwise known as Democrats,” Juan said. “Got jumped last night as we exited the rally. Really? For practicing my right to support the next Commander in Chief?? Law enforcement failed last night in San Jose. Failed. Thanks for a broken nose, uncontrollable bleeding, and a bash to the head Democrats. You sure are doing your party proud.”

Log Cabin Republicans is glad Juan is safe now and recovering — and we salute him for his bravery and courage!

I wonder if Ms. Hernandez is a friend of Ms. Taylor Garrett: The Gay Quisling Who Cried WolfMany times.

3 thoughts on “HomoCON Log Cabin Republican Claims He Was Attacked At Trump Rally By “Democrats”.

  1. I was in AA with Juannie Hernandez for awhile…bi polar and constantly sought attention. This is a staged lie by Log Cabin. They’ll do anything to hurt the rest of the gay community

    1. The picture above is not indicative of someone with a broken nose & uncontrollable bleeding. It would be more believable if he would’ve taken a picture of his whole body showing everything he was wearing because that white shirt photo could be from someone else or staged. He’s covering most of his face with a water bottle and he has barely a scratch on his nose and no black eyes. I’ve seen someone with a broken nose and it looks MUCH worse than that. (His story actually changed at another press thing he did in July–no mention of a broken nose.) Maybe something did happen. I know that rally got out of hand. I just think he’s exaggerating for attention. I live in Silicon Valley and I’ve seen him on TV a couple of times.

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