Apple CEO Tim Cook To Host Fundraiser For Anti-Gay GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republicans

Apple CEO Tim Cook To Host Fundraiser For Anti-Gay GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republicans


Via Politico:

Apple CEO Tim Cook will host a fundraiser with House Speaker Paul Ryan next week as the iPhone maker tries to strengthen its relationships with key Republicans — despite its decision to pull support for the GOP convention because of its distaste for Donald Trump.

Cook will help generate cash for Ryan at a private breakfast on June 28 in Menlo Park, Calif., along with Gary Wipfler, the company’s treasurer, according to an invite obtained by POLITICO on Monday. The money benefits not only the speaker but a joint fundraising committee aimed at helping to elect other House Republicans.

Cook is hosting the fundraiser on his own accord, as Apple does not have a corporate political action committee like Facebook, Google and other tech giants in Silicon Valley..

Ryan has a consistent conservative record on gay marriage. He supported both the Defense of Marriage Act and a constitutional ban on gay marriage.
“The institution of marriage is an integral part of our civil society and its significance goes well beyond eligibility for benefits and similar considerations. Its future should not be left to a few overreaching judges or local officials to decide,” Ryan said in a 2004 statement. “That’s why I support this effort to amend our Constitution to protect marriage.” He has described himself as a “big supporter” of Wisconsin’s 2006 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Ryan also voted to ban same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples, and he voted against repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on gays serving openly in the military. Ryan also voted against the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed through the House in 2009.

Rated 13% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record.

Rated 0% by the HRC, indicating an anti-gay-rights stance.

Rated 36% by NAACP, indicating a mixed record on affirmative-action.

Someone should tell Tim Cook that being a Gay Republican, a Jewish Nazi, or a Black Klansman never really works out that well.

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