#LGBTSuperheroes – London ComicCon Pushes LGBT Diversity In New PSA Trailer – Video

#LGBTSuperheroes Campaign

London ComicCon is taking the gay superhero bull by the horns or tights as some may say as it debuts the latest campaign for LGBT representatives in popular culture by presenting a new trailer, which sees the usual superhero antics of saving people using their power with the big difference is the gay kiss at end which finishes with the words: “It’s time all superheroes were accurately portrayed on screen.

The video entitled #LGBTSuperheroes highlights the campaigners concern that LGBT characters in comics are de-sexualised or turned heterosexual in movie adaptations. Some examples include Iceman, Mystique and Catwoman among others.

Watch the video below and support #LGBTSuperheoes.

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