George W Bush “Flattered” By Award From Anti-Gay World Congress of Families

George W Bush

The World Congress of Families which is listed as an active anti-LGBT hate groups by extremism watchdog the Southern Poverty Law Center announce this month that the winner of their ‘Family and Democracy’ award to former warmongering President George W. Bush.  An official spokesperson for the former Republican President suggested that Bush was happy to be named by the group as the award recipient.

According to Right Wing Watch, the spokesperson said: “While flattered, our office is not aware of the award in question. I do know that the group kindly invited President Bush to deliver a keynote address, but his schedule did not permit him to participate.”

Bush’s two terms in office saw a renewal of anti-LGBT sentiment in the US, as he backed a mooted amendment to the US Constitution to ban equal marriage, opposed anti-discrimination protections, and resisted a push to allow gay soldiers to serve in the military.  Many attribute individual states creating their own “State DOMA’s” as a part of a plan to use anti-gay sentiment during his re-election campaign to get more Republicans to the polls. The plan itself was devised by Bush’s own closeted Republican advisor Ken Mehlman who is considered by many to be his generations equivalent of Roy Cohn.

The World Congress of Families is one of the key players behind attempts to coordinate with hardline evangelical movements across the world, pushing anti-gay laws in developing countries. It previously worked closely with Russia’s anti-LGBT lobby to secure the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law, and has backed a push to keep homosexuality criminalized

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