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A recent HYSTERICAL money beg from Tony “I never net a white supremacist I didn’t like except Donald Trump” Perkins and the Family Research Council.


New stealth attack threatens natural marriage
May 07, 2016 | | Share with Friends


With all the media “noise” about the upcoming Republican Convention in Cleveland, I’m concerned that a serious threat is slipping under the radar. And I need your help to stop it.

Republican establishment activists soft on family values are planning an all-out attempt to radicalize the 2016 Republican Party Platform.

How? By stripping away time-honored language defending natural marriage and calling instead for a “thoughtful conversation” about what marriage really is. What they are really after is destroying the marriage plank by making it affirm court-created same-sex marriage.

Knowing how significant this threat really is, I offered to be a delegate from my home state of Louisiana, and was then elected by the Louisiana delegates to serve on the Platform Committee — now I need to know that you will stand with me.

Values voters across America have made it clear how they feel. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. It doesn’t matter what five members of the Supreme Court say — marriage is what God says it is.

Big money is lining up against natural marriage. And of course the GOP’s strong pro-life plank will be the next target.

For decades, the Republican Party platform has firmly stood for the sanctity of life and the vital importance of natural marriage and the family.

But now, hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer has donated millions of dollars to undermine this and strip away any platform language that might be considered “discriminatory” to those who engage in homosexual behavior.

Calling it “Platform Reform,” the American Unity Fund — supported by Singer — is promoting new “inclusive” language that eliminates the biblical definition of marriage from the Party platform.

Here’s why we can’t let this happen:

As the platform goes, so goes the Party!

If sexual revolutionaries like Paul Singer succeed in sabotaging the platform, the Left and moderates will say that the issue is settled once and for all — that marriage is up to the individual to define. Then those of us who uphold God’s view of marriage as one man, one woman will be considered irrelevant and discriminatory.

With their Party platform hijacked, it will be that much more difficult for Republican Conservatives to be a voice standing up for God’s design for marriage and family.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today.

A loss of that magnitude would have a profound impact on the 2016 Presidential Campaign and our ability to restore our nation back to moral sanity.

With your help, I’ll fight to keep natural marriage and the sanctity of life in the Republican Party platform for the 2016 elections.

In 2012, my role as a delegate at the Republican National Convention gave me the opportunity to play a key role in amending the marriage plank, which led to the Platform Committee approving a much stronger version than 2008’s.

We also tightened language on obscenity and pornography, protected conscience rights, explained how abortion hurts women, and supported the Second Amendment in D.C.

This year, a colleague of mine from Louisiana and I were the first delegates from the nation selected for the 2016 Platform Committee.

With you standing with me, I’ll once again do everything I can to hold the line for natural marriage, the sanctity of life, and religious liberty in the 2016 Republican Party Platform. I’ll also work to ensure the entire platform reflects the conservative values we share.

While I’ll be representing Louisiana as a private citizen, our FRC Action team will be at the convention intensifying our efforts to shape the course of our nation in 2016.

We’ll ramp up initiatives to register values voters and support selected candidates at all levels who will defend families.

Your contribution now will make a strategic difference.

Our efforts will determine the kind of America we live in as Christians and the legacy we pass on to our children.

I strongly urge you to give as generously as possible today.

Thank you, and I pray for God’s blessings upon you and your family.


Tony Perkins

P.S. Certain Republican activists will tell you that “times have changed” and “public opinion has moved on” when it comes to natural marriage. It’s simply not true. The majority of Americans believe in God’s definition of marriage. Stand with me to defend natural marriage and keep it in the Republican Party’s 2016 Platform. Thanks again for your help with this critical effort.


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