DC Comics’ Universe “Rebirth” Introduces Black Gay Superhero Aqualad



Aqualad, who was traditionally Aquaman’s teen sidekick, debuted in the DC Comic series in 1960. He was Garth, a mutant outcast from Atlantis who later joined up in a minor role with Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash as the crime-fighting Teen Titans.

In 2010, DC introduced a new African-American version of Aqualad, Jackson Hyde, in both the comics and the Young Justice cartoon on Cartoon Network who could manipulate water and was the son of Aquaman’s evil foe the  Black Manta.

Now in the 2016,  DC Comics reboot of its superhero universe (once again) on Wednesday with DC Universe: Rebirth No. 1, we are introduced to a “new” Aqualad,  A young black man identified as “Jackson” who is confronted by his mother, who says what he does isn’t “normal.”

When he asks if she means what he can do in the water, she says “no, I’m talking about the boys.”

“It’s not boys, mom, it’s boy. As in my boyfriend,” he replies, staring into an aquarium. “And in all of this, its who I am—even if I don’t know why.”

DC comics recently has axed gay crime fighter Midnighter and their gay alternate universe version of the Green Lantern.

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