Anti-LGBT Activist Ambush Pro-LGBT PepsiCo CEO: “Back off or you’ll be the next Target”

Anti-Gay Activist Ambush Pro-LGBT PepsiCo CEO Back off or you'll be the next Target

“Activists” from the vehemently anti-LGBT  National Center for Public Policy Research publically ambushed PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi at the company’s shareholder meeting yesterday in North Carolina warning her that PepsiCo would be made “another Target” unless  the company calls off its support of the LGBT community and denounced its call for a repeal the state’s anti-LGBT hate law.

Nooyi stood firm on PepsiCo’s support of the repeal and the company’s LGBT support

Here’s an excerpt of what the National Center for Public Policy Research (a 501(c)(3) organization) said to her:

Liberal activists pressured Pepsi to denounce the [HB2] law. And you obliged. We suggest this was a missed opportunity to bring folks together and elevate Pepsi’s brand. Your decision to speak out so forcefully against the law pleased one contingency but angered another. And that anger is palpable. In reaction to HB2, Target announced that it would open its bathrooms to any and all-comers. Over a million Americans now claim to be boycotting the chain in protest. Pepsi does not want to be the next Target.

“I have with me today a one-page framework companies can use to approach contentious issues like this. It does this by focusing on solutions and can be applied to literally every issue. I’m hopeful the company will take a look at it. I think you will find it helps the company stand up for its values in a way that brings people together and increases the public’s appreciation for Pepsi as a company and as a brand.

“The next time you are approached by a group of activists demanding that Pepsi sign a letter or denounce this or that, we simply suggest that you ask yourself, Ms. Nooyi, is there a way that I can bring both sides together and lead the community to solutions the public – and Pepsi’s customers – can get behind? Can I suggest to you that the paradigm I have suggested would help Pepsi be the community leader it clearly wants to be without making itself another Target?

Hmmmm.  I think I’ll stop by Target today and pick up some Pepsi.


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