SNL Mocks Religious Liberty Movies and Anti-Gay Bakers With “God is a Boob Man” Parody Trailer – Video

God is a Boob Man SNL

Saturday Night Live took aim at the rise of religious freedom laws that are anti-LGBT legislation in disguise, and also the new trend of “religious liberty” propaganda movies like God Is Dead: with a parody film trailer of its own:  God is a Boob Man, “a story of liberal elites run wild.” about an “oppressed Christian” baker forced to not only make a cake for a same-sex couple but also to declare that “God is gay.”

In the clip — “from the makers of God On The Run and Angel In Denim: The Kim Davis Story” — cast member Vanessa Bayer plays a “small town baker without a care” until a same-sex couple demands she bake their wedding cake, causing her faith to be “tested.”

Despite being told by a co-worker that “gays are the most powerful force in America,” she refuses and what ensues is a court case following a meeting with a Jewish lawyer from the ACLU who tells her all her legal problems will go away if only she’ll say: “God is gay.”

“We have to do something,” a legislative aide pleads to a governor before Bayer walks in and explains, “I want to deny basic goods and services to gay people.”

“Everybody out,” the governor instructs his staff. “This is the priority now.”

Watch the video below from SNL:





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