Russian Superhero Movie “Guardians” Brings New Meaning To Muscle Bear – Video

Russian Superhero Movie "Guardians" Brings New Meaning To Muscle Bear - VideoGuardians Bear Man

The Verge reports:

The combined gross of Marvel’s superhero movies is in the billions of dollars. The Russian film industry wants to replicate that success, but money isn’t the only goal of such a film. A Russian superhero film has the power to speak to its nation’s values and history, the way Marvel superheroes have done for the USA. Which is to say Russian viewers might prefer to see themselves as the heroes rather than the villains. Guardians, or Zaschitniki, is the closest a Russian film has come to capturing the scope and production quality of the Marvel Universe. In Guardians, a band of men and women from different corners of the Soviet Union volunteer for (or are forced into) a DNA-augmenting program that gives them special powers.

The machine gun wielding (muscle) bear has awoken!

This trailer is like a visual representation of Vladimir Putin’s geeky fanboy wet dream.


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