Politifact and Lawyers Agree North Carolina Gov Pat McCrory’s Claims About Anti-LGBT Law HB2 Are LIES.

Politifact and Lawyers Agree North Carolina Gov Pat McCrory's Claims About Anti-LGBT Law HB2 Are LIES.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for the past week has accused civil rights groups and LGBT activists of  “distorting the truth,” and “smearing our state in an inaccurate way” against his anti-LGBT bill, HB2.

“I hope the media starts putting out more accurate information on the facts between a basic common sense bill which allows businesses to determine their own restroom and shower and locker room facilities, not government.

I frankly think some of the media has failed miserably in communicating the clear facts, especially the national media with the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Huffington Post and we’re trying to clarify that [sic] facts. I hope you put out the accurate information about the true facts of a common sense ordinance.”

McCrory also claimed HB2 has “not taken away any rights that currently existed in any city in North Carolina.” and that “every city and every corporation has the exact same discrimination policy this week as they had two weeks ago.”

Well the good folks at Politifact, the non-partisan Pulitzer Prize winning arm of the Tampa Bay Times and a few lauyers have taken took Gov. McCrory to task over his comments. And as it turns out. McCrory is not only a homophobic bigot. But also a blatant liar.

Politifact fact-checkers reported  on Wednesday that Pat McCrory is wrong and lying when he says North Carolina’s new LGBT law doesn’t take away existing rights.

“HB2 specifically says that local governments do not have the right to put [nondiscrimination] requirements on contractors,” Politifact says, adding, “it also took away a right that had previously been available to residents of any and every city in the state – the ability to file a state lawsuit over discriminatory firing.”

Discrimination attorney, Laura Noble, said, “I won’t refer to this as a ‘bathroom bill’ because that’s really not what it’s about.” Noble sais proving that North Carolina’s politicians played on peoples uneducated fears of the transgender community to disguise its true intentions and that the law is “about the elimination of discrimination protections” for the emtire LGBT community.

“This is a seismic issue,” Eric Doggett, a Raleigh, NC employment discrimination lawyer told Politifact. “It’s huge. It’s a massive loss of rights, and it happened with almost no debate.”

Politifact concludes HB2 “took away the rights of cities to put certain anti-discrimination requirements on private contractors, and it nullified existing policies like in Carrboro and Raleigh.

HB2 “takes away the right of everyone in North Carolina to file a state-level lawsuit alleging a discriminatory firing, according to attorneys who represent both employers and employees in those cases.

Politifact has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pat McCrory is a liar and that HB2 is a Trojan horse designed to take away civil rights from all LGBT North Carolinians.

That is the “accurate information on the facts “.



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