Gay Couple Attacked At South Beach Miami, FL Burger King Over Kiss – Video

Gay Couple Attacked At South Beach Miami Burger King Over Kiss - Video

25-year-old Jordan Schaeffer, who was visiting Miami Beach from Los Angeles,  was attacked by a man inside a Burger King -Whopper Bar at about 3 a.m. on Monday morning  after he and his boyfriend engaged in a display of affection and shared a kiss.

The couple told police their kiss offended a man in a dark shirt and shorts, who confronted them and harassed them “using derogatory words.” That led to things getting physical and within moments, the men were wrestling on the restaurant floor which was caught on the fast food restaurants surveillance camera.

About a minute into the brawl, a second man in a light, long-sleeve shirt and jeans can be seen in the video keeping people from breaking up the fight.  He also pushed away Schaeffer’s boyfriend.

Schaeffer was left with lacerations to his lip and police are now pursuing the case as a felony battery

Mark Meyers who is visiting Miami for his 60th. birthday commented.

“It is surprising that people concern themselves about what two people care about. There’s a lot of people in the world and if they’re afraid to get out and see it then maybe they should just stay home and not even go to a Burger King.”

Schaeffer and his boyfriend have retained South Florida attorney.

Anyone who has any information about this hate crime is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-8477


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