LGBT Youth Advocate and Singer/Songwriter Cyndi Lauper WILL NOT Cancel Her Upcoming North Carolina Shows

Cyndi Lauper

In a move that is infuriating many in the LGBT community singer-songwriter and LGBT homeless youth activist Cyndi Lauper has said that she WILL NOT cancel her upcoming performances in North Carolina after other artists have boycotted the state over the draconian anti-LGBT law that strips local anti-discrimination protections from LGBT citizens and discriminates against transgendered people saying she believes those affected “will need us there.”

Lauper joins fellow musicians Jimmy Buffet and Greg Allman in defying requests by LGBT activists and organizations to not appear in the state until the anti-LGBT law is repealed.

Buffett, said this week that he would play two scheduled shows in North Carolina despite the state’s “stupid” laws.

“These shows were booked and sold out long before the governor [Pat McCrory] signed that stupid law,” Buffett wrote in a blog post. “I am not going to let stupidity or bigotry trump fun for my loyal fans this year. We will be playing in Raleigh and Charlotte next week.”

Allman In a strongly worded Facebook statement, said that while the “discriminating” law is “infuriating,” he knows that “North Carolina is a state full of good folks and loyal fans, many of whom are angry about and feel misrepresented by this action.”

For over 45 years, I’ve been fortunate to play music all around this country and the world. I’ve been honored to know and be friends with many different people from all walks of life,” wrote the singer.

“Although we, as a nation, have made progress in many areas, it’s sad and infuriating that some, in 2016, are still working so hard to take the rights away from our brothers and sisters, as in the cases of ‘bathroom laws’ recently passed in North Carolina…and Mississippi…discriminating against the LGBT community.”

I truly wonder if Cyndi Lauper, Jimmy Buffet and Greg Allman knows that HB2 is more than just a “bathroom bill.”

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