AFA Hate Group: Over 200K Have Signed Our Target Boycott Petition. Send Us Money!

AFA Boycotts Target

The nationally recognized anti-LGBT hate group the American Family Association is claiming that in just a little over 24 hours of calling for a boycott of Target over allowing unisex changing rooms and bathrooms that than 200,000 *cough* LIES *cough* people have signed an online pledge to no longer shop at the red dot retail giant.

Oh and they want haters to send them some money

Target announced earlier this week that men are welcome to enter women’s restrooms and dressing rooms anytime, even if little girls were already in those rooms.

If you have signed the pledge already, thank you for standing with others in telling Target that putting women and children at risk for assault by sexual predators in their stores will cost them business.

If you haven’t signed the pledge yet, I urge you to add your voice today!

Facebook users: Copy and paste this link to your Facebook page – and encourage your friends to sign the pledge too!

Just one more thing…can you help us do even more to get the word out? Your donation of just $15 will allow us to warn even more families about Target’s reckless and irresponsible policy.

Thanks again for standing with us and others in sending the strongest message possible – when you adopt policies that endanger our wives and daughters, we will not remain silent..

‘More than 200,000 signatures’, -but who signs their name with an ‘X’ anymore?


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