Washington, Vermont, Seattle Join Others City/States Banning Government Travel to NC Over Bigoted Anti-LGBT Law

Washington, Vermont Governors Join Others Banning Travel to NC Over Anti-LGBT Law

Washington, Vermont, and Seattle have banned official city/state travel to North Carolina over its anti-LGBT law joining New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

The Stranger reports:

(Governor) Inslee’s memo to cabinet and agency heads today bans “publicly funded non-essential travel” to North Carolina as long as the bill “exists in its current form.” Inslee spokesperson Tara Lee says “non-essential travel” covers most state-funded trips. “Essential travel would only be to absolutely fulfill the duties of the work of the state,” she says in an email. “It would be a very rare case for that to happen.”

“It is the law of Washington State and the policy of my administration to demand equality for all persons,” Inslee’s memo reads.

Said Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin:

“The law passed in North Carolina is an absolute disgrace,” Gov. Shumlin said. “Vermont has a proud tradition of protecting the rights of LGBT individuals. I’m making this decision in that tradition. I’m proud to join with New York in taking this action. I hope other states will join us in applying pressure on North Carolina to recognize common sense, common decency, and common humanity and repeal this law.”.

New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio, during a Monday news conference with reporters, said he would be doing the same:

“Yes, we’ve initiated a non-essential travel ban for North Carolina as of today, and in the event that the governor’s veto in Georgia is overridden, we will do so for Georgia as well,” De Blasio said Monday afternoon at an unrelated press conference.

“I think it’s quite clear that voices of conscience all ver the country are expressing outrage at these decisions which are reinstituting discrimination against the LGBT community,” he said, adding, “My hope is that both these states will relent, but we certainly are not going to have any non-essential travel to those states if these laws do continue in effect.

Governor Mario Cuomo followed shortly after the mayors, banning all non-essential state travel to the Tarheel State:

“In New York, we believe that all people – regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation – deserve the same rights and protections under the eyes of the law,” Cuomo said in a statement. “From Stonewall to marriage equality, our state has been a beacon of hope and equality for the LGBT community, and we will not stand idly by as misguided legislation replicates the discrimination of the past. As long as there is a law in North Carolina that creates the grounds for discrimination against LGBT people, I am barring non-essential state travel to that state.”

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