The Best Part of Waking Up? Tom Of Finland: The Coffee

Tom of Finland Coffee

Brings new meaning to, “Good to the last drop.”

Finland’s national broadcaster:

Preparing a cup of morning joe won’t be the same when the Robert Paulig Roastery launches its line of coffee products enclosed in packaging featuring the risqué figures created by Tom of Finland.

The company released a press release in which it described Touko Laaksonen, also known as Tom of Finland, as one of the country’s best-known Finnish cultural influences and one of the world’s most important artists.

The company is to roll out its new Tom-flavoured brews in two options: filter coffee and whole roasted beans, each of which will be available in packages featuring four different illustrations of Laaksonen’s trademark beefy male subjects. The Roastery remained faithful to the homo-erotic theme by naming the products Built Bold and Heavy Duty.

With its bared male buttocks and exaggerated anatomical features, Tom of Finland’s cheeky artwork has graced products from postage stamps to towels and bed linen.

A feature-length documentary film about Tom of Finland is due to begin this spring, and is scheduled for release in February 2017.




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