Mac Finally Realizes He’s Gay and Comes Out on FXX’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Its Always Sunny Mac Is Gay

Well after 11 seasons (that’s right ELEVEN) the character Ronald “Mac” McDonald (that’s right Ronald McDonald) has FINALLY realized that he is gay and has come out of the closet on the raunchy FXX television show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

In the first part of the two-part season finale entitled “The Gang Goes To Hell” Dee, Charlie and Frank  go on vacation on a Christian cruise ship, upon Mac’s insistence. The problem? It’s a dry cruise. Of course they’ve found a way around that, smuggling in an entire suitcase full of beers. The motif of the episode is introduced early on as Dennis explains now would be a good time to quit their usual routine of being awful human beings and relax. They need to avoid committing their deadly sins. For Frank and Charlie it’s gluttony. For Dee it’s wrath. For Dennis himself it’s lust.

And Mac himself needs to confront some deep inner demons as well. When he shows up for a sort of choir practice he’s thrown and offended to find out his fellow cruise Christians will be singing show tunes, not some dark, foreboding religious chants that will bum them all out. Mac soon finds that he LOVES singing “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat” and wishes he had done it sooner. In a later scene he tries to self-flagellate after having a bad turn at shuffleboard and his new cruise Christian friends stop him. However, Mac is further thrown when they kiss in front of him (they’re both male). Immediately shouting “Gay!” and pointing, Mac doesn’t understand how they can be gay AND Christian.

Mac shows up at his new gay friend’s room and tells them he realized something: God didn’t send him on the cruise to open up his mind. He sent him on the cruise to CLOSE theirs. They let him know how insulting that sounds and ask him how would he like it if they tried to change his lifestyle? Mac immediately protests that’s impossible. The guys insist they try. “5 Minutes Later” and Mac waltzes into the cruise jail and announces to the rest of the Gang loudly and clearly “Well, I’m gay.” To which the Gang replies. “Duh” and “No shit”.

Now that the running joke of the past 11 seasons has been that that Mac himself is probably the only one that didn’t know that Mac was  gay. If he were just a guy struggling to bottle up his homosexuality, that would just be depressing, and a different kind of show. But as a strict Catholic, Mac repressed his homosexuality so much that he doesn’t even understand his infatuation with badass tough guys he “admired”  was because he wants to have sex with them.

With “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” already renewed for its 12th season I think it might be safe to say that next year we might see an episode called “The Gang Goes To Pride.”

Welcome out of the closet and to the bar Mac.

By the way. You rocked that green glitter on the St. Patrick’s Episode.  #CallMe.




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