Lesbian Comedian Judy Gold Goes Off On Caitlyn “STFU” Jenner: “You don’t even fucking support the community!” – Video

Judy Gold trashes Caitlyn Jenner

Lesbian comic Judy Gold was on SiriusXM’s Opie Radio this week and let Caitlyn Jenner have it. (And rightfully so.)

She (Jenner) said ‘Hillary Clinton has done nothing for women. Oh really? You’ve gained a lot of insight in the seven months you’ve been female….The gays and lesbians are the ones who fought for her to have these rights and be treated like a human being…She is abhorrent. I cannot stand her…Shut the f**k up!”

On Jenner receiving ESPN’s Courage award, Gold said:

“That’s not courage, you’re f–king loaded and you have a TV camera in front of you and you make up bullshtt and you don’t even fucking support the community!”


6 thoughts on “Lesbian Comedian Judy Gold Goes Off On Caitlyn “STFU” Jenner: “You don’t even fucking support the community!” – Video

  1. Couldn’t agree with her more. This a man, then woman who wanted to date women then men and we are listening to her for advice on politics and perspective on GLBT people. This is what the world of reality tv has wrought.

  2. Why did you have to mention Judy’s sexuality — as the FIRST WORD — in the headline? Maybe she’s OK with that, but the Lesbians Ellen Degeneres and Major Lesbian Wanda Sykes might have something to say here. Judy is a COMEDIAN. And she’s great! YOU people have just put a label on a Lesbian person. THINK!!!!

  3. A ‘gay’ act? Dick on dick isn’t necessarily a ‘gay act’. A man on man is. Caitlyn isn’t a man, he was just unfortunately born male, but with a female brain. A pussy does not a woman make…and neither does a penis a ‘man’ make. All it makes you is female or male. The fact of her being transgender has NOTHING to do with her fucked up politics or her privileged status, which to me…is nauseating.

    Sexual orientation and gender both have a fluidity. Lesbians are known to go in and out of gay relationships, back to hetero relationships. Gay men, not so much…even though they may find someone of the opposite sex attractive. Sexual energy is fluid, whether you’re effected by it or not.

    Cait’s real experience of being a woman who is trans is not up for a vote, no matter what ANYONE says. But her ignorance is staggering. I for one hope her show tanks, and she allows herself to diminish in the public-eye, and enjoy her family, friends and womanhood until the end of her days.

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