Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal To VETO Of Anti-LGBT “Religious Liberty” Bill – HRC Takes All The Credit

After months of backlash and the threat of losing billions of dollars in entertainment industry revenue Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal declared today that he will veto his state’s anti-LGBT so-called “religious liberty” bill. Among his reasons are that Georgia does not protect its LGBT citizens from discrimination in the first place, so further legislation is not necessary.

Despite being absent for most of the anti-LGBT bill’s passage through the Georgia Senate and House and only addressing it twice, once in a photo-op delivering petitions to Georgia’s capitol and secondly by mentioning an entertainment boycott at an HRC Gala after many of the boycotts had already began. The Human Rights Campaign and Chad Hunter Griffin are once again trying to take all the credit for something they did not do..

The Human Rights Campaign Press Release.

Deal’s veto comes one week after HRC President Chad Griffin called on Hollywood to stop productions in Georgia if Deal refused to veto the legislation at HRC’s Los Angeles Gala. Soon after, many of the biggest entertainment companies in the world responded to the call — including 21st Century Fox, AMC Networks, CBS Corp., Comcast NBCUniversal, Lionsgate, Live Nation, MGM, Netflix, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Starz, The Walt Disney Co., Time Warner, The Weinstein Company and Viacom. And more than thirty leading actors, directors, producers, musicians, and agents signed HRC’s letter demanding that he veto the proposal.

“Our message to Governor Nathan Deal was loud and clear: this deplorable legislation was bad for his constituents, bad for business, and bad for Georgia’s future,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Today, Governor Deal heard the voices of Georgians, civil rights organizations, as well as the many leaders in the entertainment industry and private sector who condemned this attack on the fundamental rights of LGBT people, and he has set an example for other elected officials to follow. Discrimination and intolerance have no place in the United States of America, and we hope North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly are paying close attention to what has transpired in Georgia. They must undo their disgraceful attack on LGBT people in the state’s upcoming legislative session.”

Crickets from HRC (of course) about all the hard-working LGBT activist, individuals and media on the ground who did the real work.  But that’s how that corrupt good for nothing gay org spins.



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  1. I think you said it all. If someone did this to you at work, what would you think of them? I wonder if they’ll take responsibility if the lege comes back with a veto override?

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