Caitlyn “STFU” Jenner: Republicans “Don’t Hate Trans or Gay People” Like Democrats Do.

Caitlyn Jenner I am Hate

Via Pink News

Caitlyn Jenner has claimed that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton only cares about herself. The former Olympian, who is a staunch Republican, made the claim on her reality show I Am Cait, which has just begun its second season.

The former Olympian, who is a staunch Republican, made the claim on her reality show I Am Cait, which has just begun its second season.

During the show, Jenner is discussing politics with her transgender friends, when she insists that the former Secretary of State won’t do anything for trans people, and that Republicans would.

The former Olympian said: “[The Democratic Debate] is the last place I want to be.” Of the struggle for trans rights, she said: “We need both sides… if we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next President, we need her on our side.

“Although she won’t be… she couldn’t care less about women. She only cares about herself.” When asked exactly which Republican candidates would help trans people, she claims: “All of them. They don’t hate gays or trans people.

“They are more ‘I want a thriving economy so every trans person has a job’.

Can we grab the pitchforks and torches now?  Caitlyn has officially used up all the “unconditional” goodwill from the LGBT community and is really being to grate on my last motherfucking nerve.

If trans-activists won’t reel her in, its the community’s  job to.

#BoycottJenner #TurnOffIAmCait

14 thoughts on “Caitlyn “STFU” Jenner: Republicans “Don’t Hate Trans or Gay People” Like Democrats Do.

  1. I’m inclined to agree with you, Will, but I’d caution you to wait a bit longer before you assume trans people aren’t going to address this. Her words are literally just a day old in terms of going public.

    One thing though: Whatever else she may be, Jenner is a woman and her name is Caitlyn. Why? Because she says so, just as is the case for every trans woman. Please don’t resort to misgendering her in order to try to demean her. Not only is it unrelated to her politics, but misgendering is insulting and demeaning to all trans people. Please don’t

    1. I didn’t misgender. I still called her “she” throughout the entire post. I just called her by her former name because she hasn’t earned her chosen one. The question is how much longer an how much more damage and bullshit will be said before it is addressed?

      1. She hasn’t earned her chosen name? And who gets to decide that, WIll, you? Deadnaming her, as you did, IS misgendering, and it IS offensive. WE choose how we present ourselves to others, no one else. These are our choices and our choices alone. I’d thank you to respect that.

        1. I would think with Caitlyn you have much more to worry about than someone getting pissed off and using her old name Becky. EVERYDAY she sets your movement back more and more and creates a wider and wider division. Instead of getting pissed off at me calling her “Bruce” which is much better than the other “B” word I wanted to call her perhaps the prominent trans community should disavow from her and go after members that coddle her for airtime and fame and keep legitimatizing her. And you know who I mean.

          1. I never said don’t call her out, WIll. I have been and will continue to. I don’t have a problem with that at all, but I absolutely do have a problem with misgendering and deadnaming. Regardless of what I or other trans people might think of Caitlyn, like it or not, she’s one of us. When you insult her in that way, you insult all of us. You’re saying that these kinds of offensive anti-trans tactics are okay.

            They’re not okay. They’re offensive and they’re wrong. Think of it this way: We see misgendering and deadnaming in the same way as a black person sees a white person using the N-word. Regardless of whether it’s directed at us personally, regardless of whether we like the person or not, we still take offense because when you use that kind of insult it goes beyond the individual and insults the entire community they belong to. If we say okay to treat Caitlyn that way, how can we not be okay when it’s used against others? So no, it’s not okay, and yes, it is offensive.

            Please stop, if for no other reason than I’m asking you to.


          2. I did it once in lieu of another word which in turn I would have been called misogynist for. I edited for you. But Again though I don’t think its the biggest problem in that post. When will ppl realize she played us for TONS of free publicity and support. When will the call out of Cait’s co-stars begin? You know I got a Press Release from People mag yesterday shilling her newest “friend” Caitlyn is dangerous and an EMBARESSMENT not only to the trans community but to the LGBT community as a whole. If this was a gay man who was pulling this shit he’d be toast.

          3. As I said earlier, Will, give it a little time. I just finished and sent off a new op-ed on Caitlyn that I’m hoping will run at the Advocate. If not there then probably at Huffpo. I’d expect you’ll see it no later than tomorrow or Thursday. Call it a hunch but I think you’ll like it.

          4. Well I like everything you write. So no hunch needed. I just wish other trans-journalist and leaders would stand-up and speak out also. Instead of just appearing on her show.

    2. he is still bruce jenner, born a male and will be until he dies. if I shoved a feather duster up my ass and clucked, do I have the legal right to call myself a chicken?

  2. I still find it utterly hilarious that Caitlyn says that the wonderful glorious Republican Fuhrer-to-be wants to make jobs for trans people, while the man she’s backing is one who has violently and adamantly been backing laws, interpretations, and exceptions that’d specifically allow any and all businesses to refuse to hire trans people for “religious” reasons.

    1. what I find utterly disgusting is this country driven by the (scum) media invading and trying to quiet the overwhelming majority of heterosexual men and women of freedom of speech! you liberal bleeding heart minion’s remember that don’t you?

  3. Well I hate to be crass, but bitch shut the fuck up! She is totally clueless and we should waste no more time on her. She belongs with the Kardashians, in the trash. She is an no friend or ally for the LGBT community. She wants the fortune and fame. The best that could happen is that she is completely ignored.

  4. What am I missing, TED Cruz is in bed with a group of religious fanatics who pledge they won’t even speak positively about homosexuals. That includes trans-gender too. If they are going to help us, how about get them to have a professional licensed psychologist tell the world that those of us that are GLBTQ do not have a choice in our sexual orientation. We need to feel safe in being true to who we are so we have the opportunity to live healthier lives of inclusion.

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