SCRUFF “Dating” App Founders Defend Personal Preference Filter Against Racism Charges


SCRUFF founders Eric Silverberg and Johnny Skandros  have responded to complaints from social justice warriors that claim  that filters used on the app that allow users to narrow down the search of men they are looking for by race  “enables” and “compounds” racial stereotypes.

Via Queerty:

“Those are legitimate critiques. Ultimately we wanted to build an app and a service that enables guys to find the kind of guys they’re into. That can mean many things for different people. Sometimes they have ethnic preferences, sometimes they have height/weight preferences, sometimes people have body hair preferences.”

A person’s choice of partner is deeply personal.  And I don’t think we would presume to judge or tilt one’s choice of sexual partner, boyfriend, or husband.

Ultimately each one of our own individual choices is profoundly informed by the community we grow up in, perhaps by the relationships we had with our siblings or parents. I mean, to try and unpack that would probably take years for each person and so…I don’t know…I give wide latitude to other people when they talk about the kind of people they’re into.”.

Solution: Stop using these apps if they offend you to “date” and get out in the world and meet people. Last I heard we still had bars, bathhouses, social groups, and sex groups out there in the big gay world to meet people.

People’s “preferences” disappear when they get to know you face to face as an actual person and not a list of likes and dislikes and cock sizes. 

If the SCRUFF filter and dating apps are your biggest issue, its not racism that are keeping people from taking you to bed.


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