Lesbian Couple Verbally Assaulted By West Virginia County Clerk When Getting A Marriage License

Glimer County Anti-gay

Samantha Brookover and Amanda Abramovich were stunned and devastated seeking a marriage license in Glenville, West Virginia were reportedly screamed at by deputy clerk Debbie  Allen called them “an abomination” and said that God would judge them.

Brookover and Abramovich had possibly expected maybe an eye roll or some sign of disgust. They said they weren’t anticipating that they would be told they were “an abomination.

The couple says that Allen huffed, took their driver’s licenses, made copies, slammed down the copies and then, for two to three minutes, yelled that what they were doing was wrong in her eyes and in God’s eyes and that no one in Gilmer County would ever marry them. The couple had brought family members. They had the camera ready. It was supposed to be a happy day. Instead, in Brookover’s words, they were “flabbergasted and hurt and angry like you wouldn’t believe.” Allen said she briefly and calmly told the couple what they were doing was wrong and that God would judge them, and then continued assisting them as she would other couples.

When contacted by the  Charleston Gazette-Mail   Allen said that “We {she} did not attack them. We did not yell at them. We were not aggressive with them. I felt I talked nicely to them.  I just told them my opinion,” Allen added:  “I just felt led to do that. I believe God was standing with me and that’s just my religious belief.”

When asked if her words could possibly have been perceived as an attack to someone of another sexual orientation, who has been belittled because of it,  Allen said, “Oh, I’m sure.”

Debbie Allen can be reached at the Glimer County Clerks Office @ 304-461-7641

Perhaps we should all give Allen a call and tell her OUR beliefs about her.

After all they’re getting brazen and so should we.


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