Jesus Saves: The Walking Dead Introduces Its 5th. Gay Character Paul “Jesus” Rovia (Monroe)

Jesus the walking dead


On last nights episode of The Walking Dead the show introduced what possibly is its 5th gay character in the form of Paul “Jesus” Rovia. (Last name Monroe in the comics but obviously changed now as not to be confused people with the now zombie Deena Monroe and still alive and very hot son Spencer.)

During the episode called “The New World” aka. Daryl and Rick Excellent Adventure.  Jesus does make a good first impression on them. His face is half-covered in a white cloth Jesus literally runs into our dynamic duo at a trashed old gas station, where he stealthily swipes the keys to the fully loaded truck they just found. Before he sneaks away, however, he pulls away his mask, reveals a long beard, extends his arms and says. “But my friends used to call me Jesus.”

The rest of the episode is about our heroes looking for Jesus. (Literally, not symbolically.) And even after Rick and Daryl catch up to him and draw their guns. Nothing seems to faze this Jesus with the slick kung-fu moves and ability to easily slip out of traps.

Jesus is a member of a different community called the Hilltop and was first introduced in comic issue #91.

Well-versed in martial arts, Jesus is probably one of the most rational and level-headed men in the apocalypse. Similar to Daryl, Jesus goes on runs for his Hilltop community so that’s why we see him out on the road at the start of season six, episode two.

The website The Weekly Crisis listed Jesus as #10 in their list of The Ten Best Characters in The Walking Dead, saying:

“Being nicknamed after the son of God seems like one hell of an exaggeration, but Jesus has shown time and time again that he is a good, trusting man who just wants what’s best for everyone. The name fits.

Over the course of the comic series, Jesus becomes one of the most loyal characters at Rick’s disposal.

He’s also openly gay. (Well at least in the comic.)

When asked whether Jesus’ sexuality will make the leap from page to screen in an interview with E! Online actor Tom Payne who plays the character replied:. “We haven’t gotten to that aspect of the character yet, but I think people will be happy,” he teased. “The show is not afraid to stick to what keeps it real and keeps it going.”

I don’t believe that The Walking Dead would ever change the sexuality of one of the comics most famous characters. But what about the other 4 lesbian and gay characters? Tara. Denise, Aaron and Andrew. With the introduction of another gay character, and such a major one at that are one or more of their lives hanging in the balance?

Only time and the zombie apocalypse will tell.

What do you think?

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