Bill Clinton’s Weekend “Honey-Do List” – 1. Attack Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire – Video

Bill Clinton GLAAD award


While stumping for wife Hillary in New Hampshire. Bill Clinton shed the calm and refined demeanor of an a former United States President last night and tore into Bernie Sanders over “double standards”.

Via Politico

Clinton’s milquetoast stump speech touting his wife’s biography and her power as a “changemaker” has transformed into a brutal litany of attacks on Bernie Sanders and the devious campaign the Clintons apparently believe he is running.

“When you’re making a revolution, you can’t be too careful with the facts,” he told the crowd of just under 300 who came to hear him speak Sunday afternoon while Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Flint, Michigan, to visit a church. “I want you to laugh, because when you’re mad you can’t think.”

Without mentioning Sanders by name, Clinton recited a laundry list of double standards and lack of details in policy proposals he has identified in Sanders’ campaign — and labeled “her opponent the champion of all things small and the enemy of all things big.”

Speaking of double standards Bill. How did that DOMA and DADT signing treat you?


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  1. Here in Nevada, Hillary’s people have been most kind to the LGBT community and invited the Nevada Gay Men’s Chorus to perform before one of her visits to Conservative Northern Nevada. We have had a number of Pot-lucks and socials to get the LGBT community on board with Hillary’s campaign.

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