Russia Set To Pass New Law Banning Any Display Of Affection Between Gay People

Russia arrest

The Russian parliament is set to pass a new draconian anti-LGBT law that would ban any and all displays affection between gay people in its latest assault on LGBT rights. 

The Russian Duma is set to vote this week on a law that will ban any sign of affection between two gay people in the country – meaning kissing or even holding hands which could lead to a fine and/or a two-week prison sentence.

Putin has recently claimed he condemns homophobia and is targeting what he calls “non-traditional sexual relations” as a corrupting influence on Russia’s morality and society. 

In 2013, Russia passed a controversial law that banned “gay propaganda,” public speech or demonstrations equating gay lifestyles to straight ones, saying it may influence children.

Like its predecessor, the draft law is vague and does not explicitly state what acts are forbidden. But Ivan Nikitchuk, a member of the Communist Party and one of the bill’s sponsors in the State Duma, has some ideas.

Daniil Turovsky, a journalist for the Russian-language news site Meduza, asked Nikitchuk in an interview published Thursday. “People are walking down the street, holding hands or kissing. The police walk up and detain them?”

“Naturally,” Nikitchuk replied. “That is exactly what is supposed to happen. We are stopping them from exhibiting their demonic desires, which the West would force on us…” he continued. “Excuse me, this is Russia. We have a country where tradition has always been respected, where people have had and continue to have a conscience, an understanding of shame. And all these kissing bearded men do not evoke anything besides vomit.”

There has been no comment from the United States on the new anti-gay law.



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