FINALLY! - Human Rights Campaign President Chad "Rosa Parks" Griffin Steps Down

Where’s Rosa? – HRC’s Chad Griffin Stumps For Childhood Friend Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Chad Hunter Griffin and HRC


If anyone was wondering where HRC’s Chad Hunter Griffin was this weekend while LGBT anti-semitic protests happened at the Creating Change Conference in Chicago and while Washington, DC was getting buried in snow. Griffin just happened top be in Iowa stumping for his ex-boss’s wife Hillary Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa. (Yes! Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin was a member of Bill Clinton’s White House staff. You mean you didn’t know?)

“She doesn’t just voice her support, or vote her support for our community, she has been our partner in this fight and always willing to go to battle when we need her,” said HRC President Chad Griffin conviently forgetting that she stood side-by-side with her husband after he signed DOMA and DADT into law and then had the nerve to campaign for a second term using that as an accomplishment tenant.

“She has the experience and the determination and the skills that will allow her to make meaningful change from the moment she walks into the Oval Office.”

Griffin who grew up in Hope, Arkansas when introducing the Hillary Clinton to an HRC crowd last year, showed slides of himself as a teenager in Arkansas alongside the state’s first lady, joking that “I’ve known Hillary Clinton for a long time, like a really long time — like a really, really long time.”

So ask yourself honestly. Did Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley ever really stand a chance for the HRC endorsement?

If your answers is yes. I have a multi-million dollar, non-profit piece of real estate to sell you in Washington, DC

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