WATCH: Nordstrom Holiday Ad Features Gay Male Kiss – “The Homecoming” – Video

Nordstrom gay Christmas Commercial

Nordstrom the American upscale fashion retailer has created a holiday commercial that feature’s two gay men kissing

The commercial titled The Homecoming shows an impeccably dressed man arriving home carrying his luggage and a Nordstrom bag. He picks up a dog happy for his arrival, then he shares a kiss and hug with another man.

The rabidly right-wing website American Thinker  criticized Hulu for running the ad during programs that don’t include a “large proportion of Haight-Ashbury and Greenwich Village types” viewers. And admonished  Hulu for running the ad during reruns of The Rifleman and Dennis the Menace.

“[These shows] are generally watched by those who long for more innocent programming” and children, the site said.

Nordstrom has a 100% rating in the Human Rights Campaign Buyers Guide.

Gee, HRC finally got one right.


15 thoughts on “WATCH: Nordstrom Holiday Ad Features Gay Male Kiss – “The Homecoming” – Video

  1. WOW! This ad certainly will cause right wingers to shit their pants!!! Hope they have plenty of clean underwear. Ho Ho Ho!!!

    1. I LOVE THIS AD! It is so bold. And, dog-gone cute. Hopefully this one will put right wingers into brain freeze.

  2. The ad is beautiful, simple and reflects the way life really is. Sorry to disappoint right wingers. There are no orgies or whatever else your perverted sick little minds can dream up.

  3. I doubt that either Nordstroms or Hulu have much to fear from a backlash among those “who long for more innocent programming” (whatever that means) or their children. Nordstroms knows its target market well enough to know it can afford to annoy some homophobes. Ditto Hulu, I’m sure.

    The times they are a-changin’, and for the better. Remember when even gay characters on progressive TV shows were unlikely to kiss? Remember when the camera would “cut away” from THE KISS even at the end of a same-sex wedding in a TV episode? When even the gay men on Will and Grace would mostly just hug?

  4. The ad is lovely and Nordstrom’s doesn’t need to worry about offending its customers. But that kiss is the kind of kiss all my male friends, gay and straight, given each other. They’re Italian, so they kiss. What’s the deal?

  5. OMG – I absolutely love it! I’ve always loved shopping at Nordstrom and I’m so proud of you for making this beautiful commercial! Plus, the 2nd man reminds me of my son!!!!

  6. sorry…don’t see it as a “gay” commercial..I kiss my brother ..father…and brother -in- laws…I see it as a warm.loving gesture..

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