Republican Trans-Quisling Caitlyn Jenner Visits The UN for International Human Rights Day

Frankensteins Monster Caitlyn Jenner

Earlier this week Caitlyn “I’m still voting Republican” Jenner met with Samantha Power, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, who praised her for efforts to raise the profile of transgender people. (Even if its a bad one.)

“Today is International Human Rights Day. At the United Nations, we’re working to integrate LGBT rights into every discussion on human rights, but there is still so much more we can do so that everyone has the freedom to live as they are without fear. It was good to talk to Caitlyn Jenner recently about the important work we can do at home, at the UN, and internationally. Around the world – and here in the US – transgender people face bullying, abuse, and even fatal violence simply for who they are. The threat is all too real for too many: from 2008-2014, over 1,600 transgender people were killed worldwide.

Said Jenner in the video:

“If you look at issues on a worldwide basis, I’m pretty comfortable with the issues here in the United States. We have come a long way, we have a long way to go. We’ve come a long way. But If you look at this on an international level, these issues are huge. I mean, people are murdered, killed, hung over this issue, and it just doesn’t have to be that way.”

Exactly what qualifications does Caitlyn Jenner have to be talking on the LGBT communities behalf to the UN ? She does not represent my views, any of my friends views or any trans-activists views that I know of.  In fact many trans activist I know of can’t stand her now but won’t say anything publically because they lauded her so much after her transition which is something that they really need to remedy.

Jenner says that she’s “comfortable” with the issues here in the United States.? With LGBT bashings and murders on the rise at home and after what happened in Houston SHE is comfortable.  She’s comfortable because she’s a rich  republican who cares only about herself and her money, no different than any other republican.

We have hundreds of excellent, dedicated, educated and committed LGBT people who have spent their lives campaigning for equality. Why are we allowing this fake, dishonest,, self-absorbed, fame whore to represent us a whole.

Its time the LGB and especially the Trans-community put Caitlyn in her place. She does not advocate for them, or the LGB community.  Just herself.

Dr. Frankenstein you created this monster and now its your job to destroy it.

 A conversation with Caitlyn Jenner


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