Hate Group Sues To Block LGBT Questions On The US Census

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Money Beg

Dear XXXX,

Our nation has suffered horribly at the hands of a radical president. But there’s an antidote available.

America can be restored . . . if we can bring millions of values voters to the polls next November.

You and I have an open door—but a door that may be closing—to preserve our freedom to believe . . . our freedom to live as Christians in this country.

So I am writing you today with this single, simple, but overwhelmingly important request:

Please take a moment today to give a generous contribution to help FRC Action mobilize millions of conservatives, including Christians, to vote their values in the upcoming elections . . . and help change the course of our nation.

Your Influence Will Be Felt in Washington

We are approaching the tipping point in American history. Since 2010, we have seen the ideology of the United States Congress grow increasingly conservative. The shift has been significant in the Senate, but huge in the House of Representatives. This philosophical tsunami is what drove Speaker of the House John Boehner, a notoriously compromise-prone moderate, to step down from his position.

True conservative values are beginning to prevail in Washington. Your support of FRC Action is contributing hugely to this movement.

Your Influence Will Be Felt in Churches

I urge you to give as generously as possible today. The actions we take this November will powerfully influence next November. Your contribution today will help to expand and strengthen our nationwide network of churches.

Pastors are key to addressing the issues. Every year we are seeing government encroaching on moral questions in American life. We need clergy to address these issues according to the Word of God; we need them speaking out unequivocally about what God’s Word says on the issues of our day. Through our church network, and by providing information and resources, FRC Action is helping them do exactly that.

Your Influence Will Be Felt at the Ballot Box

Your generosity today will also further develop the work of our Culture Impact Teams. These church-based ministry teams lead their congregations in responding to the moral and social issues impacting the community, state, and nation. They’ll make sure that Christians are registered to vote—that they’re informed on the candidates’ stands on issues of moral significance—and that they actually get to the polls on Election Day.

Your Influence Will Be Felt on the Campaign Trail

Furthermore: The primary season not only identifies the candidates that will gain their respective party’s nomination, it also identifies the issues that will be central to the general election, which will determine the policies of the next administration. We need to bring issues of religious liberty into the foreground of their thinking during this crucial formation time . . . another reason I’m urging you so strongly to give now.

Your Influence Will Be Felt in the States

And our work cannot be limited exclusively to the national race. Nearly eight years of this president’s lawlessness has emboldened leftist politicians in towns, cities, and states from coast to coast. We see rampant violations of the law as radicals seek to transform America by replacing religious and political freedom with the perverse agenda of the sexual revolution. So we will focus on election campaigns in the fifty states as well.

All of these strategies require an enormous amount of advance planning and effort—so we need your support today.

Here is our present reality: We could easily spend $5 million on this process, placing ads, sending out alerts, vetting candidates, producing bus tours, reaching out to potential voters by every means possible, working with Members of Congress and their staffers on Capitol Hill, and the list goes on.

But in the short term, we need $200,000 by December 31 in order to keep going strong. So, bottom line, we need your most generous possible contribution today.

Please let me hear from you quickly. As we stand together, as we work together, we can emerge victorious on Election Day. Thank you. God bless you.

Standing (Eph. 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. I’m asking you to give to a proven organization. FRC Action has been successful in finding and equipping true conservative candidates and in motivating candidates to come out publicly in support of religious freedom, the kind of liberty that the Founders intended.

As the Obama era ends, we cannot afford another leftist administration to take power, or a weak-kneed moderate administration that is afraid to act. Please do whatever you can to help. I look forward to receiving your best possible donation. Thank you again.

Hahaha.  The “perverse agenda of the sexual revolution.”  What is this 1975?

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