HRC Sends Out Obnoxious “Membership Invoice” For Year End Last Ditch Money Beg

Well Chad (Rosa Parks) Hunter Griffin needs to keep those coffers overflowing and sucking up all the money in the LGBT community to cover his $425.000.00 dollar a year salary for being MIA somehow and taking credit for things he didn’t do somehow.

From: Dane Grams <>XXXXXX
Date: Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 8:15 AM
Subject: Your membership invoice XXXX

Deadline’s approaching — please help. We are counting on you to reach our year-end membership goal. Join the Human Rights Campaign today.

XXXXXXXXX  Donate to HRC Before 2015 Ends

2015 Gifts to the Human Rights Campaign: 0

Membership Status: Pending

Suggested Membership Level: $25

Deadline: December 31

2015 Year-End Challenge Ends In: Just 4 days

XXXX, Donate Now


XXXX, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in our country still lack basic rights. We’re counting on YOU to change this. Make a gift today to stand up for the…

  • LGBT Americans in 31 states who lack explicit protections against discrimination in housing, employment and public places.
  • LGBT teens who continue to face harassment at school.
  • Same-sex couples who are being denied the ability to adopt children together in their home states.
  • Transgender Americans who face higher rates of discrimination and violence in their communities simply because of who they are.

Help us reach our goal by 12/31. Step up as a member today.


Dane Grams
Dane Grams
Director of Membership
Human Rights CampaignDane Grams

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