Government Grants Tennessee “Christian” University The Right To Discriminate Against Gays

carson newman university

Carson-Newman University, a Baptist liberal arts university in Jefferson City, Tennessee was granted a Title IX Education Amendment of 1972 waiver from the Federal government that makes them exempt from provisions in the law that are not consistent with the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s tenets regarding marriage, sex outside of marriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy and abortion

Shorter version: Carson-Newman University can openly discriminate against LGBT students and anyone else who offends their stick up the ass religion while still raking in those sweet, sweet taxpayer dollars.

Randall O’Brien, the university’s president, said the application for the exemption was made upon counsel from the school’s attorney, Jim Guenther, who has recommended the same for several other Christian colleges,

“The spirit of the exemption was to clearly identify each school as a Christian institution thereby strengthening First Amendment standing, which allows each school to operate according to their religious principles,” O’Brien said.

Carson-Newman University and the 27 other religious colleges and universities that have applied for and received similar exemptions within the last 18 months.

CNU alum Jared Champion was “absolutely humiliated” when he learned from his colleagues that his alma mater had applied for and been granted a waiver from provisions in the federal Title IX law.

“They basically filed a suit … legalizing discrimination,” he said. “Title IX represents a move against discrimination and they basically asked for permission to discriminate and those aren’t the values I understand as Christian values at all.”



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