FRC’s Tony “Dr. Evil” Perkins: We Need ONE MILLION DOLLARS To Fight “Politically Correct” Extremist!

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Dear XXXX:

I’ve never seen a year like 2015. And 2016 may be worse—unless Christians like us get ready now. In 2015, radicals in Washington (including the government), New York, Hollywood, big corporations, and every part of America have declared war on your values. Your family. Your religious beliefs and freedom.

Family Research Council (FRC) met every test head-on to counter and overturn many of the attacks. But now our team of experts and activists needs your year-end gift to end the year ready to protect your values in 2016.

LAST WINTER, a major city ordered pastors to surrender their sermons on transgenderism and homosexuality for challenging the mayor’s push for a dangerous special rights ordinance.

EARLY IN THE YEAR, sexual radicals and huge corporations attacked states that attempted to pass laws protecting freedom to believe, and “politically correct” extremists tried to destroy the career of a Navy Chaplain because he counseled from the Bible.

IN THE SUMMER, sexual activists used the Supreme Court’s arrogant decision imposing same-sex marriage on America to assail the fundamental rights of anyone who disagreed . . . even throwing a Christian county clerk in jail.

IN THE FALL, they pressed ahead with a campaign of policies and laws trying to erase the distinction of men’s and women’s restrooms and persecute people of faith who disagree.

FRC has met every challenge head-on. But meeting these attacks—in Congress, the grassroots, the media, and the legal arena—has stretched our budget severely. In fact, RIGHT NOW we’re only weeks away before 2015 draws to a close, and it is urgent that FRC receive $1 million by December 31 to end 2015 on strong financial footing.

FRC must be at full strength to face President Obama’s final push in the last year of his presidency. President Obama and his allies have shown contempt for the principles and values that have kept us a free nation. What will stop him? People like you.

Tis the season to beg money. Fa la la la la. La la la UGH!

You have to admit though Little Tony Perkins has a set of big brass balls to try and grift a cool million out of the middle America morons of his base while going down in flames.

What do you think?

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