CBS’s “Two Broke Girls” Takes On The FRC, AFA, and Anti-Gay Bakeries In “And The Inside Outside Situation”

Two Broke Girls

This week CBS’s irreverent hit show 2 Broke Girls, took the opportunity to take on and mock anti-gay businesses and hate groups like the FRC and AFA and the bigots that love them in the episode titled “And the Inside Outside Situation,”

Problems start when a “gender fluid” customer named “I” (Michael Cyril Creighton) stops by the walk-up window of the Max and Caroline’s cupcake business to pick up his/her order. When tols that the pretty pink cupcakes will become performance art after “I” inserts cocktail wienies in the middle of them to “challenge how we instinctively label one another,” Caroline is upset that the cupcakes will be tampered with.

While Max insists money is money, Caroline doesn’t want her cupcakes “defaced.” She tells “I” that she’s not comfortable selling them. As Max tells her to just bag the cupcakes (“Bag it!”) “I”  hears something else. And “I” accuses the girls of running a homophobic bakery.

Caroline: Sorry, but we’re just not comfortable selling you our cupcakes.

Max: He is right here. Bag it!

I: What did you just call me?
Caroline:  Oh, no. – Oh, no.

Max: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I did not say the thing you thought I said. I didn’t even think it. In fact, I wasn’t listening to half that crap you said.

Caroline: She said, “Bag it,” with a B, as in boy– or not a boy.

I: Oh, I see what this is. This is just another homophobic bakery trying to deny service to people like me. Well, I don’t have to stand here to tell you how upset I am. That’s what Yelp is for

The next day the diner is empty and a protest begins in front of the bakery window with LGBT  chanting, “No cake equals hate!”

Even Sophie (Jennifer Collidge) has heard about it at her hair salon in midtown – after all news travels fast among the gay community. (Telegraph, Telephone, Tell a queen!) And shows them that her hair stylist ruined her hair so she left before it was done. (Insert Donald Trump hair here.)

Enter a hot friendly looking guy who offers a big order for cupcakes for a convention in town, as compensation for the business lost due to the boycott. He says however people run their business should be their own business. ! The organization? The Family Foremost Foundation (FFF). Brother Dan, the head of this fictional family values organization, begins to speak and the girls are shocked. He praises the girls for standing up to the “politically correct mafia” and showing what morals look like – not going along with “deviants, scientists and pot smokers.”

Brother Dan: Right now, all around the world, people are seeing what morals look like. These are the girls who are standing up against the deviants, the divorces, the scientists, the hop-hop lovers, and…the doobie smokers. 

Max: Whoa. I don’t like people or science, either, but ain’t nothing wrong with a righteous doob. 

Brother Dan: We need to show the world that we will not tolerate these deviants and these degenerates any longer! 

Max and Caroling finally get what the FFF is about and decide that no money is worth all this and get up to leave. Then Brother Dan announces he has a check for them as a show of gratitude. A $10,000.00 check. Caroline then tells Max it is ok to take it if “no one” sees it. . Alas, the event is being live-streamed around the world.

At this point the girls know what they have to do.  

You can live stream the episode at by CLICKING HERE

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