Middle School Bus Driver In Alabama Distributes Anti-Gay Literature To Students

Daphne Middle School anti-gay Literature

In Daphne, Alabama this week parents were shocked and appalled that some students at Daphne Middle School came home this week with anti-gay literature that was brought onto the bus and distributed by its driver.

The material, according to a Baldwin County School District spokesman, was photocopied out of a book speaking out against homosexuality. District spokesman Terry Wilhite said, in an email to AL.com, that administrators retrieved the copies, told the students the material was not sanctioned by the school nor the school system and that parents were notified. The bus driver, whose name was not released, was told the action was not acceptable, Wilhite said.

The matter was addressed by the school system’s human resources office, but Wilhite said there has not been a determination on what type of disciplinary action will take place.

MY GOD! Think about the children!

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