#HaHa! – Hotel Cancels Anti-Gay Heritage Foundation/NOM Gathering

Ryan T Anderson  Missing NOM

National Organization for Marriage/Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson has had the rug pulled out from under him after the general manager of the Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda cancelled two upcoming events by the nationally recognized hate group.  The events were booked “under a different guise” the staff at the hotel confirmed and would not have been approved had the hotel known of Anderson’s positions on LGBT rights. Gay Star News has a quote from the manager:

“Immediately upon learning of the nature of the meeting, we called the organisation to explain that our policy is one that celebrates diversity and that the hotel is not a venue for anti-diversity discussions. It is a standard hotel practice that upon making a reservation, groups disclose the nature of meetings that will take place on our premises. This meeting originally was reserved under a different guise and would never have been accepted if the group had disclosed its intentions at the time of the reservation. The Hamilton Princess does not accept any booking that promotes discrimination of any kind.”

The angry virgin elf troll Ryan T Anderson needs to just have the meeting in his tree where he makes the cookies.

What do you think?

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