BBC Radio Fires Talk Show Host Iain Lee For Calling Out Bigotry and Homophobia On His Show

Ilan Lee Fired From BBC

BBC radio talk show host Iain Lee has been fired from his job after a fight with his bosses sparked by Lee calling out anti-gay views as ‘bigotry’ on his morning talk show..

During Lee’s breakfast show lawyer Libby Powell of the Christian Legal Center who was on the show to defend a reverend who had been accused of being homophobic after citing anti-gay verses from the Bible at a prison service

Powell said that homosexuality was a sin, according to the bible – and Lee repeatedly described her support of anti-gay passages as ‘homophobic’ and ‘bigoted’, and asked if she ‘supported bigotry’ as she read out supporting passages from the bible.

Powell then denied the Bible’s anti-gay passages were hateful, saying that the book’s teachings did not only attack gay people, but were about “the lifestyle”, including “people who have sex before marriage” and “people who steal”.

The BBC and Lee later apologized, the interview was “at several points inappropriate”.

Shortly after the BBC announced that Iain Lee had “left” the show.

“I’m proud of @iainlee for calling out a homophobe and appalled at BBC Three Counties Radio for lacking the balls to support him,” one supporter tweeted.

A representative for Iains declined to comment on the story.


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