Kentucky Bigots Claim Meeting With Governor To DEMAND Special Accomidation For Anti-Gay Adulterer and Dog-napper Kim Davis

anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis


Kentucky continues its march into history as the most backward hateful state today as ‘Pastor” Randy Smith of the Family Federation of Kentucky will attempt to meet with Governor Steve Beshear to DEMAND that Kentucky serial adulterer, dog-napper, and anti-gay KKK-ristian county clerk Kim Davis and other god fearing public servant bigots be given reasonable accommodation to deny service to gay and lesbian Americans because its against their warped view of religion.

While Smith has bragged that he has a 10:00 am meeting with Beshear today.  The Governor’s office on the other hand denies that such a meeting exists.

Beshear has refused to call a special session of the Kentucky legislation to discuss any “Religious Liberty” exemption and has demanded that Kentucky’s public servants to their job.


*UPDATE:  Smith and his lemmings followers did not get to meet with Gov. Steve Beshear, but spoke instead with the governor’s chief of staff, Larry Bond.

Smith, said he was not pleased with the response.

“It’s the same rhetoric,” he said. “It’s the same thing we’ve heard.”

Along with Smith five pastors and one deacon from churches in Eastern Kentucky. Smith said 10 to 12 pastors also are forming an alliance to help shape legislation in Kentucky going forward.

In a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research 47 percent of Kentucky voters believe that county clerks should not get special exemptions while 42 percent say they should. Another 11 percent were not sure.

Now remind me again.  WHICH group it is exactly asking for “Special Rights?

What do you think?

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