Bernie Sanders: Mike Bloomberg Should Be Barred From Democrat Debates

Bernie Sanders Goes After Hillary’s DOMA and DADT Were “Defensive” Actions Excuse

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Bernie Sanders delivered his sharpest criticism of Hillary Clinton last night at the Iowa Democratic Party’s historic Jefferson-Jackson dinner implicitly drawing contrasts between his voting record and that of  Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton. He focused in on free trade, the Keystone pipeline, the Iraq War, and Hillary’s recent comments that her husband Bill Clinton signed both the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell into law late in his first term and a “defensive act” to save gays and lesbians from worst legislation.

Said Sanders:

“In 1996, I faced another fork in the road. A very, very difficult political situation. It was called the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA,” he said, referring to the law signed by President Clinton. “And let us all remember that gay and lesbian rights were not popular then, as they are today. It was a tough vote. … That was not a politically easy vote.

“Now today, some are trying to rewrite history by saying that they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse,” he said. “That is not the case. There was a small minority in the house opposed to discriminating against our gay brothers and sisters and I am proud that I was one of those members.”

Its honestly too bad that the DNC has already thrown their chips behind Clinton so early in the race.  Hillary Clinton is not a progressive, she is a centrist just like her husband.  Her recent flip-flops on the Keystone pipeline and TPP are just two examples. There is absolutely no way of knowing what a presidential administration by her would be like or what causes she would defend especially in her first term and like her husband what she would do to get elected for a second.  

What do you think?

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